Thermometry basics in granaries

Not easy to grow grain, but save it is much harder
Our grain temperature control system are designed to help farmers keep their harvest safe and without any quality loss.

Requirements for granary temperature system

Detection of grain fire-fanging process at the initial stage is possible only if thermometry system ensure execution of following criterions:

  • high accuracy of temperature measuring;
  • continuous monitoring;
  • high reliability;
  • warning alarm grain temperature value exceed critical set point;
  • possibility of temperatures database recording and history analysis;
  • rate of temperature rising monitoring.

Grain temperature monitoring system TCC type NEPTUN-ELECTRO production in fully satisfies all listed requirements.

Necessity of grain temperature monitoring

The question of grain quality maintenance came into the foreground when long storage. As you know biophysical process arises in grain when storage and account for grain mass fire-fanging process.

Fire-fanging process rate depend on many factors, such as cereals, humidity, dirt etc.

Detection of grain fire-fanging process at the initial stage is key task of elevator temperature control system.

Grain level in silos measurement

In spite of weight control of incoming grain at granary supervisor need information about feeling levels of siloses for possibility correct filling of elevator, so-called technological monitoring of filling level.

Temperature monitoring system TCC-02 on base of digital temperature cables ensures indirect measurement of metallic silos filling level.