Requirements for thermometry systems
and grain temperature control

Modern technologies
Digital sensors of our temperature cables - the basis of fast and reliable targeted temperature control systems TCC type

Requirements for modern grain temperature measuring system.

Main requirement for elevator automated temperature control system is possibility ensure grain storage temperature monitoring and grain secure safety.

There to temperature measuring system should have possibility:

  • ensure of measurement sufficient accuracy and resolution (resolution of sensors and temperature sensors quantity in silo);
  • ensure reliability, endurance and serviceability system equipment;
  • ensure detection of grain mass fire-fanging process at the initial stage.

Temperature measuring system should have high resolution when suitable mathematical treatment of measured values, automatic compensation of measuring accuracy, filtration of random disturbances (average daily and seasonal fluctuation of environment temperature) give possibility detection small stable changes of temperature at the initial stage of grain mass fire-fanging process.

Thermometry system software should enabled compulsory checking all set of temperature parameters, recording of measuring values to database, reports form and ensures necessary technologies and warning alarm messages.