Reliability and accuracy

Replacement of obsolete temperature cables TP-1M to the new system of TCC-02 type provides you a reliable and accurate control of temperature of the grain on tens years

Thermometry cables TP-01M - replacement or repair?

Majority of soviet elevators are equipped with temperature monitoring systems DKTE-4MG, MARS-1500, M5 and the like on basis of temperature cables TP-01M manufactured by Industrial Merger “Promavtomatika” (Zhitomir).

Since these thermometry systems are in service 30…40 years, many parts of equipment are failed, thermometry cables TP-01M especially. Production of these temperature control systems, their components and temperature cables TP-01M is stopped.

Following question arise before owner: does old-fashioned temperature control system repair or replace.

Let’s to examine pro et contra…

Advantages of repair are comparatively low cost of repair of thermometry system on base of temperature cable TP-01M type and absence of necessity of staff retraining. On this, perhaps, a list of " pro" and ends

Thermometry cables TP-01M

Disadvantages of repair:

  • temperature cable TP-01M is absolutely irreparable. Periodical installation / dismounting is very labor-intensive due temperature cable with 28 m length have weight about 60 kg;
  • temperature monitoring systems DKTE-4MG, MARS-1500 etc. realized on base of soviet electronic components, which production is stopped now;
  • specialized repairing company is absent;
  • systems on base of temperature cables TP-01M with copper resistance sensor have sufficiently large measurement error and periodical calibration for ensuring of necessary accuracy is required;
  • the older thermometry system the more frequent faults.

Key benefits of old-fashioned thermometry system replacement by temperature control system TCC-02 from our company:

  • temperature control system is executed on base of digital temperature sensor and calibration is not necessary
  • temperature cable is manufactured as cable-rope with smooth sheath from high dencity polyethylene that is account for small mass and overall characteristics: diameter 14-18mm, weight - 10kg for cable 28m length;
  • high and stable measurement accuracy;
  • simple installation and commissioning: the system supply with complete set of technical documentation and preliminary tuned software, that ensures installation and commissioning carrying out in short term without specialists of manufacturer;
  • possibility of staged commissioning;
  • all equipment of system is manufactured on bases of modern electronic components;
  • temperature cable fastener assembly is executed with raised buckling load;
  • secure sealing of temperature cable preclude ingress humidity and dust inside it;
  • software ensure permanent monitoring of temperature and speed of it change (with alarm when critical values exceed), that detect of fire-fanging zones at the initial stage;
  • flexible software tuning - monitoring parameters for each silo are adjusted individual;
  • software enable to create several work post (attendant position, laboratory, technologist etc.) without of purchasing of additional software or license.