Indirect level control

Temperature control system TCC-02 provides an indirect measurement of level in metal silo with no additional hardware

Measurement of grain level in silos.

In spite of weight control of incoming grain at granary supervisor need information about feeling levels of silos for possibility correct filling of elevator.

There are several methods of measuring silos filling levels:

  • ultrasonic;
  • electromechanical - intermittently rise / lowering of load;
  • radar;
  • capacitive - on base of change of medium dielectric conductivity around vertically installed sensor depend on grain level.

All these methods are directly measuring methods and need installation of additional equipment (sensors) for each silo.

Direct methods of grain level measuring have good measurement accuracy, time continuity of it. But all level measuring sensors need calibration / maintenance and are very expensive.

For example, most cheap variant of level measurement for silo of 20-25 m height is installation of electromechanical sensor, price of it is about 1500-2000 EUR. If there are 5-10 silos at elevator the cost for sensors installation grow sizeable.

However we have decision - our grain temperature monitoring system TCC-02 enable indirect grain level measuring on base of temperature change in metallic silo during day. Of course this method not ensure so high accuracy and time continuity of measurement as direct methods, but it do not require additional cost since thermometry system for elevator is mandatory in any case.

Software of TСС-02 system ensures grain level measurement accuracy equal distance between temperature cable sensors (standard 1,5 m) and information presentation both own display and data transfer to SCADA system of granary industrial control system via OPC server, embedded in thermometry system server.

Using of our grain temperature in silos monitoring system TCC-02 your obtain possibility of silo filling level measuring without additional equipment installation.