Grain temperature control

Continuous temperature monitoring

To avoid damage to the grain need to ensure continuous control of the temperature in the whole volume of the grain mass.

Why is temperature monitoring system necessary for grain storage?

Primary cause of grain qualitative indicators reduction is fire-fanging process of grain mass.

Not detected at the initial stage fire-fanging process of grain leads to not only grain qualitative indicators reduction, but essential raise of grain temperature (above 35°С) in fire-fanging zone.

If fire-fanging zone is not detected timely, temperature raise is continued and grain mass begin to burn. It may lead to destruction of granary silos (storage).

Fire-fanging process at the initial stage is long enough and has slow speed of temperature raise. When temperature grows speed of temperature raise dramatically increases and time for prevention of grain mass combustion decreases.

Mentioned features of temperature raise require application of measuring system with high resolution for detecting of fire-fanging zones at the initial stage.

Periodical sampling of thermometry cables sensors ensure detection of temperature raise stable trend appearance.

Detection of temperature raise stable trend and exceeding of preset value of speed of temperature raise indicate appearance of grain fire-fanging process.