Certified systems of automatic
temperature control of grain

Maximum of functions
Continuous monitoring and alarms, the ability to control from multiple locations, control the rate of temperature rise, and more will provide our temperature control system ТСС-02S type

Grain storage temperature monitoring system TCC-02S type

Key difference between temperature control system for concrete granaries and system for metallic silos is much more temperature cables with the same grain storage volume. In addition there are above and under silo floor at elevators with transport and technology equipment there.

Major portion of concrete elevators are built in soviet time and use temperature monitoring system on basis of temperature cable TP-1M type with copper RTD as temperature sensors. Big part of these systems and temperature cables become worthlessness and demand of replacement.

But the price of replacement of thermometry system for elevator with concrete silos is more expensive than for granary with metallic silos same capacity by reason of major quantity of temperature cables.

We call your attention to recent development of our company - temperature monitoring system TCC-02S type for concrete elevators, which enable to substantially reduce of costs for elevator temperature control system modernization and obtain all preferences of modern temperature monitoring system on basis of digital temperature sensors.

Main features of TCC-02S system:

  • Temperature cables daisy-chain connections to information acquisition unit.
  • Possibility of connection up to 24 temperature cables to one information acquisition unit.
  • Information acquisition unit in small-sized case.
  • Quick connection of temperature cables.
  • Possibility of staged commissioning.

Equipment of TCC-02S system installation drawing for standard elevator

Key preferences of TCC-02S system using for concrete elevators or “where is cost saving?”:

  • Cables saving – quantity of cables significantly reduce due to temperature cables daisy-chain connection.
  • Possibility of effective installation (no crossing cable lines with technological lines and conveyer lines).
  • Cost saving in the time of installation
    • You do not need in hard work (concrete etc.), cable laying in metallic hose or in plastic tube from silo to silo on floor is enough without technologies lines disturbance.
    • Short time for electric installation work due to simple 3-wire connections and color coding of cable wires.
  • Installation materials saving due to less quality of cable and missing of additional hardware for cable fastening.
  • Lower price of equipment set because of information acquisition unit price is lower due to absent of direct sun light protection and heating necessity.

Total costs reduction for thermometry system modernization when TCC-02S system using makes up from 12 to 20%.

Your will get modern complex digital thermometry system for your elevator using TCC-02S system. In this case the set of functions and characteristics is similar asTCC-02 system, simultaneously substantially cost saving.

The set of shipping:

  • temperature cables set with installation adapters and connection boxes
  • information acquisition units TCC-AU/03 type
  • cable for temperature cables connection
  • thermometry system software
  • RS-485 interface converter for connection to computer