Products: temperature control systems for granaries

From simple to complex
We produce several modifications of the grain temperature control systems TCC type: from simple with a portable measuring device to a fully automated system based on PC.

Temperature monitoring system in grain silos.

During grain storage at elevator the question of temperature measuring and monitoring come to the foreground. Due to the fire-fanging process when the temperature rises above 35°С leads to spoiling of grain and multimillion losses.

Continuous monitoring of grain temperature in silos systems produced by NEPTUN-ELECTRO on basis of digital temperature cables TCC type settles this task more convenient for customer.

Digital temperature cables and grain temperature monitoring systems TCC type put on the measurement equipment supply State Register of Ukraine numbered Y2300-06 and obtain a permit of using from Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Russian Federation.

Thermometry system TCC-01 type

Digital self-contained mobile indication unit is used for presentation of measured values of grain temperature. This type of system is intended for small granary with common quality of digital temperature cables not more 40-60 pcs.

Thermometry system TCC-01plus   type

This TСС-01 temperature monitoring system modification provides fast data of measured temperatures retention in indication unit for following transfer to the computer. Software for computer delivered with system equipment.

Thermometry system TCC-02 type

Full automated temperature grain monitoring system with information presentation on single or several computers. Main advantages of this modification are: client/server architecture, warning alarm, flex report system, data export to MS Excel, advanced temperature database (1 month).

Thermometry system TCC-02S type

Recent development of our company for grain temperature monitoring in concrete elevators. Grain temperature monitoring system TCC-02S type has full set of function and properties as TCC-02 systems, but in addition this makes it possible substantially to bring down price of equipment and mounting at old elevators. Fast mounting, minimum of cable and additional materials, simple connections perform of thermometry system TCC-02S as optimal decision for old soviet elevators.