Selecting a temperature control system for a granary

Selection of the type and a set of equipment

Criteria for selection of thermometry systems are fairly simple.

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Selecting temperature control system for granary. 

When selecting type of the system for granary should adhere to the following criteria: 

1. Total temperature cables quantity in all silo of the grain storage

If total temperature cables quantity is more than 40-50, than checking and saving temperatures from all sensors takes a lot of time. In this case we recommend using temperature control system TCC-02 type, which displays and saves all information on PC. 

If total temperature cables quantity is 15-40 we recommend using temperature control system TCC-01 type, which allow you to save data in hand-held unit and restore them on you PC or notebook. 

2. Silo and laboratory office placement. 

In case of large distances between silo and the staff premises, for the convenience of the staff recommended to use temperature control system TCC-02 type with information displaying on PC. 

You always can ask for us which type of the temperature monitoring system for your storage to select via our feedback page