Software of temperature control

systems for siloses

Intuitive software interface

The software's interface is fully customizable for each object.

Easy visualization, graphics and much more.


 Special software of TCC-02 system

Special software ensures processing and storage of data received from system information acquisition units by RS-485 interface. Software for each granary is individual adapted and ensures monitoring of current temperature, rate of grain temperature change, rough estimate of metal silos filling level.


Software operates in personal computers with Windows XP or Windows 7,8 operating system. Software has client/server architecture and consists of two main applications:

  • thermometry server software, "Thermoserver"; 
  • thermometry client software, "Thermometry". 

Server software ensures operation with system equipment and recording of data base, client software executes interface with operator and warning alarm.

Server and client software are installed to same PC system operator workstation. Implement client software is able to several computers connected to local network with operator PC. This system structure enables simultaneous operation of operator, laboratory technician, technologist. 

Thermometry system software is optimized for possibility of using of low performance PC. 


Software ensures warning alarm when following situation appearance:
  • temperature value exceed critical set point for any of monitoring points; 
  • rate of temperature change exceed critical set point for any of monitoring points; 
  • part of system equipment is failure or disconnected: temperature sensor failure, connection line with 
  • thermometry cable break, connection line with thermometry cable short circuit, connection with information acquisition unit disappear, information acquisition unit built-in ROM failure


Besides warning alarm the software also execute following functions:  

  • information representation for operator about temperatures and temperature change rates in tables;
  • temperatures and temperature change rates are indicated both digital form and color gradient field;
  • filling level rough estimate function. Filling level is indicated in % from full volume of silo and has graphic presentation;
  • recording of data base of all monitoring temperatures for last month Interbase format;
  • data base is contained information about each system sensor temperature and equipment conditions;
  • flexible adjustments of products storage parameters: input of name and property of storing products in silo, adjustment of products storage parameters, storing product type is specified for each silo;
  • warning alarm system has audio and visual indication, list of alarm messages, common sound alarm acknowledgment function and visual alarm acknowledgment for each silo separately, delete alarm messages after eliminate alarm reasons and operator confirm;
  • recording of system operation and alarms protocol, temperature change presentation in form of diagram, comparison of temperature changes for different sensors;
  • three access levels for system functions and adjustments are provided: browse mode and password protected Operator and Technologist modes;
  • monitoring of system operation mode is provided: recording in data base system equipment deactivation, time of client software operation and operator activities, estimate of continues operation mode in %;
  • build-in automatic diagnosis function record failure and deactivation of system equipment and classify of equipment failure (temperature sensor, thermometry cable, information acquisition unit) or connection failure (connection line break, connection line short circuit) system topology reference;
  • forming and printing of reports in form of tables and graph, possibility of export of tables information into MS Excel;
  • function of integration into SCADA is implemented by OPC server, embedded in our software. 


Temperature Collector Software

Temperature Collector Software is executed following functions:

  • acquisition of measured temperature dates from indication unit memory;
  • easy-to-use presentation of measured temperature information in table form on PC;
  • measured values export into generally accepted formats: MS Excel or text *.csv;
  • temperature exceed set point monitoring.