Company history

Our company works more 10 years and we have accumulated abundant experience in production of temperature control and automation systems.

About us.

NEPTUN-ELECTRO company established in 1998. The main activity of the company was the design and manufacturing the main switchboards, navigation consoles and switchboards for shipbuilding. 

Since 2003 

Since 2003, the company started its activities in the sphere of agriculture. The first step in this area was the temperature control system in grain silo TCC type. Temperature cables and thermometry system for granaries in general good account of themselves and from the start of production has undergone several modifications. 

Since 2004, our company started to automate the process equipment of granaries - came into being grain distributor control system flows and silo discharging screw control system. 

Also in 2004, we continued to develop shipbuilding equipment, one by one launches the engine telegraph, signal (navigation) lights control panel, tachometer, anchor chain counter, alarm panel 

Design of electric and automation systems for ships and agriculture the most important of all directions, since from the project depends primarily the quality and reliability of power supply and automation systems. Is why we employ some of the best designers, coming from the main design bureau of USSR shipbuilding industry - Central Design Bureau Chernomorsudoproject.

Quality and reliability - whether it small switchboard or complex process control system for granary, we always strive to make our products of high quality, affordable and reliable.