Thermometry systems for granary

Safe monitoring of stored grain temperature.

High precision.

Maximum safety.

All-around automation of temperature monitoring.

Temperature monitoring system TCC type

Modern grain silos temperature monitoring system on basis of temperature cables with digital sensors.

High precision, simple mounting and intuitive user interface are intrinsic for our systems.

Customer is able to choose one from three modification of TCC system, more suitable for specific granary

Temperature monitoring in grain - what for?

The one of principal task in grain storage technology is timely detection of fire-fanging areas in volumes for storage.


Just timely detection of fire-fanging areas enable to assume adequate measures against grain spoiling - active ventilation or grain movement

Following key requirements are necessary for thermometry system:

  • safety;
  • uninterrupted temperature monitoring and warning alarm;
  • explosion safety of equipment;
  • high precision of measuring.

Our systems TCC types have successfully solved all these tasks.

Temperature cables TP-01M - replacement or repair?

Majority of soviet elevators are equipped with thermometry systems DKTE-4MG, MARS-1500, M5 and the like on basis of temperature cables TP-01M manufactured by Industrial Merger “Promavtomatika” (Zhitomir).

Since these thermometry systems are in service 30…40 years, many parts of equipment are failed, temperature cables ТП-1М especially. Production of these temperature control systems, their components and temperature cables TP-01M is stopped.

Let’s to examine pro et contra.

State certification of temperature monitoring systems

According to existing legislation temperature monitoring systems in grain silos are measurement instruments and subject of mandatory metrological certification.

Using of temperature monitoring systems in Russia also requires special permit from Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

Our temperature monitoring systems in grain silos are undergone all necessary tests and obtained licensing documents both Ukraine and Russia.